Ratio and Proportion : Problems, Formulas, and Shortcuts

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  1. v says:

    Hi, I can’t really understand the last part. Though if the readers are willing to know another solution which is not really a kinda shortcut but wants to know the answer, here is how I got the final answer for shortcut 3.

    1st part:
    Given ratio: 2:3
    Total Quantity: 10 litres

    2+3=5 (use the sum to divide the total)
    10÷5=2 (use the quotient to multiple to each ratios)

    2×2:2×3 = 4:6 (this is the exact ratio)

    Part 2:
    Ratio to be solved: 1:3

    “What amount of water should be added?” (This a word prob equation key words)

    4:6 from first part (oil:water) and equate to the given ratio

    4/6+x =1/3 (cross multiply)

    4×3 =6+x
    x=6 (now substitute it to x)

    4/12 (FINAL ANSWER)
    If you simplified further, it will be 1/3

    here ya go.

    Kaway Kaway sa kukuha sa admu, dlsu, ust saka up!


  2. Rashi says:

    Please keep formulas

  3. meena says:

    shortcut 3 is not understand
    i dont know how you defined.

  4. jyothi says:

    explanation: 3^3=27 & 6^3=216 so answer is 216
    3*9=27 & 6*9=54 based on the options select answer

  5. Menomeno says:

    Hi sir, can you please help me how to calculate matrix?

  6. kartik singh says:

    its really so easy and short ….so thaku so muchhhhhhh

  7. Anju says:

    If a:b:c 2:3:5 and a-6cm then find b and c

  8. niharika says:

    if we are given with a:b:c then what would be the formula? bc:ca:ab or ab:bc:ca???

  9. Dimpi says:

    It helped me a lot… thanks

  10. kashmeera srivastava says:

    hello sir,
    I am preparing for bank po exams currently..I am actually finding profit loss and discounts a difficult stuff for me..Could you just provide me with some tricks and the easier ways to deal with these chapters?

  11. ravi says:

    It’s nice.. Sir We r expecting more.

  12. saranya says:

    What is the value of a in shortcut 3 .. I can’t get it clearly.. Could y explain

  13. Jenny Teutao says:

    hope to have this website my tutoring solution

  14. Manisha Khandare says:

    Very nice and helpfull shortcuts…thnx

  15. Naresh says:

    3:27::6:? Plz send me the formula with explain this query.

  16. saraswathi says:

    hi, thank u and super

  17. sandhya says:

    very easy and great method thank you very much dushyanth ji

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