ULTIMATE List of Bank Slogans and Punchlines

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  1. Shasha says:

    Not just for big boys banking for all is a Tagline of which bank??? Plz reply

  2. Kajal says:

    Great info.. Loved it 😊😊

  3. Shriniwas jaiswal says:

    Pls tell me that i have qualified b tech with 60% but final certificate is awaited it may be available in november could we apply for ibps 2017

  4. What Is The Tag Line Of Axis Bank Plz Tell Me Sir

  5. Ashwini says:

    Important information must has to know by everyone because all are make an usage of the bank
    this website is an useful to each and every one

  6. Govinda Dey says:


  7. padma says:

    Please correct the first line as “without further ado” instead of “adieu”
    Your material is excellent.

  8. jai pal says:

    gm sr..
    sir I have confusion regarding verification of documents before the interview. …
    I just want to know which documents a verified by ibps…

  9. Rounak says:

    IDFC bank tagline….?

  10. sritha says:

    this is excellent sir..ur posts are very use full..i didn’t find any other material this much help full as u provide..easy to follow the notes..keep it up.. and i have one request too..pls provide notes related to banking terminology and latest banking news notes in ibps v interview point of view..thank u…

  11. Apart from cost factor, both these books don’t offer anything extra! I wouldn’t recommend them. If some of your friends are doing MBA from some reputed institute, their study material books for Quant would be better option.

  12. ishant mahajan says:

    sir apart from rs aggarwal and quicker maths any other practice book for quant… ibps po …
    sir how is upkar’s n.k. sharma for quant..
    also suggest me some good book with good problms for reasoning..
    should i buy m.k. panday or not??

  13. Vijeta srivastava says:

    Sir, can you provide ibps rrb question paper of 2014..?

  14. Sure, Amita. We’ll do it soon enough

  15. Amita K says:

    Wow Just Wow. This is the best list I have sseen till now! The extra bit at the end about slogans and puchlines was informative. Could you make this availble in pdf for download.

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