Discover Best Books for IBPS PO Exam preparation

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  1. GOPAL says:

    Thanks a lot for giving so nice valuable knowledge about ibps exam.

  2. manisa says:

    Sir please provide me the name of best book for puzzle and di for ibps pa n sbi

  3. Hi Nidhi Dubey,

    I think you can go probably any of the two

    1. Objective General English by S.P.Bakshi

    2. Objective General English by R. S. Aggarwal

    I would like to thank you Dushyant for sharing a valuable post on bank exam books, your post, user reviews will really help to decide which book we buy.

  4. ankita chatterjee says:

    I am very weak in quants section in contrast to that I am much confident about my English grammar portion..can Yu plz tell me how do I improve my weaker sections

  5. Neha says:

    Hello Sir,
    plz suggest me nice practice book for quantitative aptitude except R.S. Agrawal and M.Tyra,for english and Banking.

  6. Priya says:

    Sir,tell me about mains wt to read and how to score. my prelims is completed

  7. namit says:

    free sites for.. online practice according ibps po ex pattern

  8. Smriti, I’d never recommend a single book to anyone for IBPS. I’ve seen the material and found many mistakes. But this was two years back.
    I’d recommend you NOT to buy a single comprehensive book.
    Instead if you can get old PT MBA quantitative and reasoning books, they’ll do you more good.They’re slim and to the point.

  9. smriti says:

    hi! i was checking out the comprehensive guide to ibps po exam by disha experts. wanted to check if you think i should go ahead and buy it? thanks!

  10. Ambika, the best ones we can think of is Career Power. The other quite popular one is of Mahindra. But career power is miles ahead in terms of context. Then there are others like TCYOnline that are dedicated only for online test primarily MBA but not quite tailored for IBPS.

  11. ambika kumari says:

    pls tell me which online test series i should take for the ibps po preparaton ??

  12. Janki, instead of book for practicing, I would recommend buying online test series. Solving online instead of from books makes a huge difference in the real exam

  13. Mishra, I wouldn’t recommend any book that covers all subjects. These are usually cheap quality books that tempt students into thinking one book can really help them clear IBPS. Books on Individual subjects are the best.

  14. janki says:

    which book should I buy for practicing and for paper

  15. Mishra says:

    Hello. pls suggest a book which is complete with all subjects for preparation of ibps also preferable if it would be the easiest but worthy.

  16. We consider our English section to be most complete. Visit this page
    and go through all the links for details.

    We have dealt with the strategy for cracking English section on this post, too!

  17. Rajib says:

    Sir. I am very weak in english section…sir tell me how to get cutoff score in english section? Sir please give me a helpful rply..

  18. lokesh says:

    book for general awareness and english

  19. We consider our English section to be most complete. Visit this page
    and go through all the links for details.

    If you indeed want a book, you may get Bakshi(Arihant)

  20. Nidhi Dubey says:

    which bok should i prefer for english

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