Learn how to fill Bank Preference in IBPS PO and Clerk

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  1. Arpit Gharia says:

    good job brother..:-)

  2. sasi says:

    i am preparing for ibps po 2016… i don hav any guidance… i hav already passed ibps clerk 2013… but i didnt attend the interview… bcoz i didnt know wat to do next… and also have many doubts abt selection process, posting area – it may be either in my hometown or not… such as… pls kindly guide me to get selected and placed in my hometown as po…

  3. sasi says:

    sir.. give ur mail id pls

  4. sasi says:

    sir ur email id pls…

  5. syed akram says:

    My preference is ecgc and exim bank ? Wat is best answer

  6. amar sharma says:

    Hello sir,

    I’m Amar and my interview is on 21st Jan.
    My top preferences r Vijaya,Syndicate and Cooperation bank respectively, lots of questions r going to be asked about it.
    Kindly advise me how to justify it.

  7. rishi says:

    sir,i have given EXim bank as first preference .can u suggest me a suitable answer to justify it…it would be great help..thanku..

  8. Santosh, Salary package is more or less the same everywhere. It used to be high in IDBI but it’s all same at the present moment!

  9. santhosh shravan says:

    Hello sir, pls let me know which bank among these , offers best salary package for po and where?…thank you in advance

  10. BOB koi alag se exam nhi leti hai. IBPS k through BOB mil gya, to tumhari posting final hai.

    BOB jo exam alag se leti hai wo Manipal k through hota hai. Wo IBPS se different exam hai.

  11. PRAVEEN says:

    Sir, maine ibps po me 1st preference me BOB diya hu ,agar mai ibps me achha score kiya aur mujhe BOB mil gya,but uske baad jo BOB exam leti h usme select nhi ho paya,to kya mai dusre bank me ja sakta hu????????????

  12. PRAVEEN says:

    Sir,ibps po ka 1st preference me BOB diya hu..agar mera ibps achha score aaya aur mujhe BOB mil gya ,but uske baad jo BOB exam leti h usme select nhi hua ,to kya mai dusra bank me ja sakta hu????

  13. PRAVEEN says:

    Sir,maine ibps po me preference me sabse pahle BOB diya h..agar mai ibps me achha marks laya aur mujhe BOB mil gya ,but BOB jo exam leti h usme mai select nhi hua ,to kya mujhe dusre bank me jane ka mauka millea???????????

  14. The bank preference remains the same. The bigger the bank, the better chances of home posting. But if you are not concerned with promotion, clerk is your best option. In officer grade, you’ll be moved to other locations sooner or later. Also, try for SBI!

  15. rekha says:

    As i am married and live in rajasthan and would be allowed to work only if i get my hometown jaipur ,rajasthan . please suggest top 5 preferences for bank po as per my location need

  16. Solomon Rajeev says:

    Hello Sir, I am thinking of ECGC and EXIM bank as my first two preferences. In 2014 IBPS I had kept PNB and BOB as my first preference. But I am a little bit confused about my decision. Do you have any idea about ECGC and EXIM banks? If possible can you also post an article about these banks (like work atmosphere, growth in Job, etc).
    (PS: I prefer working in cities.)

  17. C'est la vie says:

    sirji,may i have ur email id plz?

  18. You have very high chances of promotion in Punjab National Bank. Probably in 4 years you can potentially become Scale 2 Officer. However, I’ll also warn you against the Office Politics that is quite profound in PNB 🙂

  19. C'est la vie says:

    sir really? i m selected as a clerk in gujarat..plz share ur feedback about pnb

  20. Varsha Menghrajani says:

    Thank you v mch sir

  21. Usually the preference is based on some parameters. Like Deposits, Assets, etc. If your preference tallies to those parameters, you can say “it’s the number 1 bank right now. That’s why I’ve filled up this preference”. However, if your preference doesn’t tally to usual parameters, the safest way out is to tell that you know someone from so-and-so bank (BoI in your case) and he helped you fill up the list. As he is in the system (bank), he knows more than you do and that’s why you asked his help for filling the preference.

  22. Varsha Menghrajani says:

    I am not able to figure out the right answer. pls help Sir

  23. Varsha Menghrajani says:

    Sorry sir, bt I couldn’t find that comment. Pls, can u mention your answer again? That would be of great help

  24. This has been answered in the discussion below, Varsha!

  25. Varsha Menghrajani says:

    sir, i gave bank of India as my 1st preference, pls provide a legitimate reason for the same. thanks in advance

  26. The important questions are:

    1. Why Banking? (if from non commerce background)

    2. Why Clerk? (if overqualified)

    3. Why not other exams?

    4. Why do you think you are fit for this post?

    5. What makes you different than other candidates out there?

    Apart from current affairs and GK, the above mentioned questions are most important. See our post on Interview Questions on Banking. Also, advise you to go through this page ( http://www.bankersambition.com/interview-preparation-tips-ibps-sbi/ )

  27. Rajesh Goud says:

    what are the main and important questions that we may face in IBPS clerk interview?

  28. I’ve seen people fill up the SBI Associate Preference list as per the region that’s close to them. But my advice to you is to visit any nearest SBI Associate Bank. People working there are most synced with the situation than any of us out here. Take their suggestion. I’m sure you’ll get the best advice there is. And I know, it’s a drag going to the branch, but a little effort from your side may help your career long term. And we’d really appreciate if you’d be so kind to share with us your experience with the branch. May help many of our readers choose the best SBI Associate Preference, too 🙂

  29. The same happened to me once. I filled up the date as 31 august. Whereas the actual date was 1 October. However, as far as I’ve seen, this is not checked at all. I can assure you this date should be least of your worries 🙂

  30. Ayu16790 says:

    Sir I have cleared SBI ASSOCIATE PO written exam. Now I have to fill a preference list along with circle,though I am not really sure what does circle exactly mean here. Please help me in filling the list. Options are SBBJ, SBP, SBH,SBT, SBM. Along with adequate reasons as to why I chose so and so bank.

  31. Rajesh Goud says:

    Sir, When I was applying for IBPS clerk I mentioned date of passing was 15-05-2013 , But my actual date of passing is 24-06-2013
    Anything happens regarding this issue?
    Suggest me what to do please !

  32. See our reply below for Canara Bank as first preference. The same goes for you, too 🙂

  33. Rajesh Goud says:

    sir, I have given Allahabad bank is my 1st preference
    Please could you tell me the best answer to convince them on my preference

  34. To tell the truth, you really can’t justify Canara as your first preference. Whatever Canara does, many banks have done it better.
    Instead a sample reply can be : “Sir, I don’t really have a preference. In fact, I’d be honored to work in any bank. Since, IBPS asks for a compulsory preference list, I’d asked (someone working in Canara Bank), and he helped me fill up the list.”
    Word of Caution: Know everything about Canara Bank. This might help http://www.canarabank.com/English/scripts/AwardsandAch.aspx
    You should fill up the list with discretion. If you don’t have a reason while filling Canara as your first preference, it’s highly unlikely you’ll find one later!

  35. Already replied to this answer in comments below 🙂 Peace!

  36. sowji says:

    sir if interviwee ask me y u choose pnb as 1st prefernce?? den wat i hve to tld??

  37. srini says:

    sir , i gave canara bank as my 1st preference . . give some advantages about it

  38. I have worked in Punjab National Bank before. And I Know for a fact that promotions are very fast in Punjab National Bank. Many even get it in just 2 years. You may cite your reason as faster promotion. But do know that promotions are fast in BoB, too! So, instead of saying that PNB gives promotion faster bluntly, say that currently people in PNB are getting promotions faster than other Banks. Adding to it the fact, that PNB has largest domestic assets and was on the top till 2012, it’s my best bet right now!

  39. Shrinkhla says:

    hello sir…i have given pnb as first preference… can i get the exact answer for it

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