Ultimate Shortcut Trick to remember Bank Headquarters in India

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  1. Div says:

    Helpful……but OBC HQ is Gurugram

  2. Nibedita Priyadarshini Panda says:

    Wow..thanx a lot..

  3. karan says:

    Rocking Learning Tricks………………. Keep it up sir

  4. Balu says:

    really superb
    i never forgot

  5. Lokeswary says:

    Great Job and useful. I cant forget them..
    In the similar way can you please provide some techniques to remember the international organisations and their headquarters.

  6. shiv mehrotta says:

    Oriental bank of commerce headquarter is in gurugram, haryana…

  7. Bulu meher says:

    good trick

  8. Kirthika says:

    Thank u.It was very helpful

  9. Tushali says:

    Nice trick… thanks for making it easy..?

  10. Akhilesh kumar maurya says:

    Nice trick …….
    Mind blowing ……
    Never forget…..

  11. sagar says:

    Great trick ..,thanks

  12. nishant says:

    super trick

  13. Hansulekha bhardwaj says:

    Thnks a lott

  14. Arnav says:

    But one information is wrong in this post. Oriental Bank of Commerce has its headquarters in Gurgaon, Hariyana.

  15. Harendra Kumar singh says:

    For corporation bank….just remember this word….co-ma…..Co…..corporation bank and ma……for mangalore…….jaise koi Aishwarya ke beauty ko dekh madhoo ho coma me chal jata hai na…nd Aishwarya rai from mangalore……

  16. Dushyant Kumar says:

    Nice trick

  17. satya says:

    Thanks bro…….

  18. Arnav says:

    Quite useful. Thank you.

  19. Bhagabat Palai says:

    Really, it’s assist me a lot.
    Thank you .
    I am poor in English. So led me a path…

  20. Kavi says:

    Fantastic anna

  21. Bhosale Swarupanand says:

    Nice tricks…thanks a lot

  22. Amit Kumar says:

    Much appreciated sir. Thanks a lot. God bless you.

  23. Manoj kumar says:

    Shortcut tricks for maths

  24. Mahi says:

    Good job…thnks for d tricks…

  25. Pooja says:

    Thnks ur trick works…

  26. dhani says:

    it is very helpful and easy to learn thankuhh so much sir plz give some tricks for currency and county capitals

  27. dhani says:

    thankuhh sir it is very helpful and easy to learn thankuhh so much sir

  28. ginni says:

    Thanks a lot but what about development Banks.

  29. Suveena says:

    Please provide such trick for HQ of 21 private banks also please.

  30. deeshant says:

    U can learn that corporate sector mein har kisi ko salary badhane ki jaldi rehti h so wo aur salary maangte h unko motto rehta h MAANG LO AUR (Mangalore) mil jayega package

  31. Ken says:

    Any trick for tagline of banks?

  32. Ken says:

    Any trick for tagline of banks

  33. arpita naik says:

    Plz give some tricks to remember countries nd der capitals nd currency

  34. maya says:

    awesome trick.thnx a lot.

  35. manoj says:

    cool..! waiting for more tricks

  36. Shooter says:

    for corp bank.. trick… Mango crop… πŸ™‚

  37. ROH ROH says:

    Dear Sir csr programs details please

  38. Nishagupta says:

    Thank u

  39. priyanath says:

    Sir as last one have no tick……we should go to coma…..u know how top commotion in bank exam……coma means corporation-manglore

  40. Vinod says:

    What about DENA BANK and IDBI BANK ?

  41. mukesh says:

    abhe aur trick hai rai bhejo na mera email par

  42. kanchan thappa says:

    Thanks alot

  43. sai kumar says:

    Pls post tricks to remember countries capital and their currency

  44. Shobha says:

    Thank U

  45. sagar says:

    fantastic bro.now it becomes so simple to remember the headquarters.good job.keep it up.

  46. vishal sharma says:

    icici, hdfc, axis, federal bank inke head quarters kaise pta chlenge

  47. Rahul says:

    Please check BOB HQ

  48. RINKY PRADHAN says:

    Thanks a looooooooooooot for giving this trick.

  49. sudeepti says:

    Oriental Bank of commerce HQ is in Gurgaon,not in Delhi..

  50. Vishal says:

    for Syndicate and Corporation bank.

    Syndicate: Manipal(small spelling )
    corporation: Mangalore(large spelling )

  51. Rupinder says:

    Very easy to remember.. thank you so much πŸ™‚

  52. Indeed it is helpful to learn easily and hope will getmore tricky.thank u so much

  53. varsha says:

    awesome tips..!!!thanks a looooot…!!! best way and d best idea to remember..!!!

  54. Safi says:


    Full Form As Under

    “Hmmmm….. “Tricks Me Dum Hai”….. Thanx

  55. ajhar says:

    realy awsome trick…
    agar aapka koi whatsapp group ho to mujhe b add kr lo…

  56. khushboo says:


  57. Mukesh Das says:

    HQ…bank of boroda…..vadodora, gujrat

  58. saurabh says:

    bob in mumbai

  59. wasim says:

    oriental bank of commerce hq is in gurgaon haryana not in delhi

  60. Mamatha Dora says:

    Industrial Development Bank of India(IDBI) -Head quarters Mumbai

  61. Sindhu Shetty says:

    Thanx alot:)

  62. Milanpreet says:

    Corporation bank – mangalore … Cor por: lor

  63. shikha says:

    Amazing! Its really awesome article, I have got much clear idea regarding from this post.

  64. Thanks, Rahul! Appreciate your comments!

  65. Rahul says:

    Altimate Trick Bro. Please provide trick to remember countries, their capital and their currencies

  66. Blackheart devil says:

    Super, bro !!! Thanks a ton, mate !!!

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